Things I learnt in 2016

Hey everyone

Today I’m going to be talking about what I have learnt from this year as a whole.

1. I have learnt that success isn’t relevant to anyone apart from myself, I don’t need to measure how well I did to someone else. If I have tried my best that’s all anyone can ask for.

2.Family is there when you are in need. Not that I didn’t appreciate my family before this year but this year especially my family have supported me through so much and I’m so grateful.

3. This year I have also learnt to let go of my fears. This is such a hard one and I struggled a lot with this and I think I’m going to do a whole blog post on it but being brave and believing that you can overcome anything means eventually you can do anything.

4.Nothing is impossible, this is like the last one but I’ve learnt that if you put your mind to anything you really can achieve.

5.The little moments in life are sometimes the best. Of course big occasions are amazing and when you celebrate them or notice them you feel great but something I have learnt is love all the little things equally as much as the big things for example if the sun is shining so that means it’s not raining and you don’t get wet when walking just appreciate those small moments.

6.My happiness is important. Take time to yourself to feel happy within yourself or write things down, but happiness is the most important thing to look after.

7.A smile can make all the difference. If I ever feel down it’s so hard to crack a smile but sometimes if you make yourself smile it will make you happier instantly even if that happiness doesn’t sort out you being sad completely it may help a little.

That’s just some of the key things I have learnt this year. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you have an amazing 2017 !!!

Next year I am going to be more frequent on this blog and a minimum I will post once every 2 weeks but hopefully it will be more.

Thank you for all your support this year

Bye x


Favourite Christmas films 

Hey everyone

So today I’m going to list my top 5 Christmas films. If you have any favourites I would love to hear about them because I need new ones to watch.

All these films instantly make me get into the Christmas spirit and fill me with so much joy. I think the best thing about Christmas films is that they never get old because your only really meant to watch them at Christmas (even if sometimes you don’t stick to that rule). So here are my top 5 Christmas movies

1. Nativity — This film just makes me laugh so much and all the songs get stuck in my head and give me that Christmas spirit.

2. White Christmas — This is a tradition that every year since I can remember we have watched this film around Christmas time and I’m still not tired of it.

3. Christmas in a day — This is a recent favourite of mine and it’s all about other people’s Christmas and when I watched it for the first time I was smiling so much because again it just got me into the Christmas mood.

4. The Santa Claus — This film is more funny and again I have watched it most years since I was a child. The story makes Christmas feel more magical again.

5. Arthur Christmas — This is a cartoon but is still a great Christmas film with the message that no one gets left behind which is a great moral for a film.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe agree with some of these films. I hope your all feeling ready for Christmas.

Bye x

Getting into the Christmas spirit 

Hey everyone

So today I’m gonna be talking about how I’m getting into the Christmas spirit. I’d love to know how other people get into the spirit and see if there is a common thing that everyone does.

1. To start with I love listening to Christmas music at full volume when it is appropriate. I have just been listening to the Christmas hits playlist on Spotify over and over.

2. Putting up the Christmas tree always helps me to feel festive. The smell of the tree is one of my favourite things.

3. Watching Christmas films. I am going to put a blog post up about my favourite Christmas films very soon, in the mean time I would love to know what yours are so I can watch some new ones.

4. Another major factor that helps me get into the spirit is Christmas shopping. I know some people hate Christmas shopping but I love going around the shops with all the decorations up and just wondering around looking for presents for my loved ones.

5. Following on the Christmas count down is also something that makes me feel more festive. Advent calendars every morning confirming that the wait to Christmas is getting shorter.

6. Lastly I love looking at Christmas lights on all the houses and buildings. Everyone does so well with their Christmas lights arrangement. The lights just confirm to me that it really is Christmas time and there isn’t long to go.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I loved writing it and just thinking about all the Christmas things around me that I love and enjoy each year. I will see you very soon for another Christmas based blog post.

Bye x


Hey Everyone

So as you might have realised I haven’t been active recently which I`m really not happy about, (I`m so sorry). So what I am going to do is publish a blog post every 2- 3 days being Christmas related, basically like blogmas but with a late start and not a post everyday. I am going to stick to this I promise I am really looking forward to this journey even if I have started it very late.  So there will be a blog post up at the latest every 3 days at 6pm.

I hope everyone is well and is having a great December so far.

Thank you for all your patience.

Bye xx