Getting into the Christmas spirit 

Hey everyone

So today I’m gonna be talking about how I’m getting into the Christmas spirit. I’d love to know how other people get into the spirit and see if there is a common thing that everyone does.

1. To start with I love listening to Christmas music at full volume when it is appropriate. I have just been listening to the Christmas hits playlist on Spotify over and over.

2. Putting up the Christmas tree always helps me to feel festive. The smell of the tree is one of my favourite things.

3. Watching Christmas films. I am going to put a blog post up about my favourite Christmas films very soon, in the mean time I would love to know what yours are so I can watch some new ones.

4. Another major factor that helps me get into the spirit is Christmas shopping. I know some people hate Christmas shopping but I love going around the shops with all the decorations up and just wondering around looking for presents for my loved ones.

5. Following on the Christmas count down is also something that makes me feel more festive. Advent calendars every morning confirming that the wait to Christmas is getting shorter.

6. Lastly I love looking at Christmas lights on all the houses and buildings. Everyone does so well with their Christmas lights arrangement. The lights just confirm to me that it really is Christmas time and there isn’t long to go.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I loved writing it and just thinking about all the Christmas things around me that I love and enjoy each year. I will see you very soon for another Christmas based blog post.

Bye x


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