The power of music

Hey everyone 

Today this post is a bit of a spur of the moment. But when I was listening to music it gave me the idea to talk about the power of music on myself. I hope you enjoy this post and it might be something you can relate to. 

So to me music really can help set my mood. When I’m walking and listening to an upbeat song I usually walk a little faster. Music just creates a little space in my head where I can forget about my worries for a while and just focus on the lyrics. I also find that music can help me appreciate things, for example when I am walking and listening to a good tune I usually look around and appreciate things around me. When I’m doing my homework music kinda helps me to get it done and be motivated to do things ( although sometimes I get distracted and just start singing along ). 

When people ask what is my favourite music is I never really have an answer. I like most genres of music, I’m always listening to the top 40 playlist on Spotify. 

I thought now it would be a good idea to list some of my favourite songs/ artists. 

1. Ed Sheeran – his two new songs are on repeat I love them and I feel like singing along all the time.

2. Little mix – their songs are so uplifting and are ones that I want to get up and dance to.

3. Glee cast – this might sound a bit weird but I loved watching glee ( and still do sometimes) but their covers of songs also make me feel more uplifted and make me feel like I can do anything 

Those are my top 3 artists that I love listening to but there are still more that I do listen to. Like I said I like anything from the top 40 basically.
I hope you enjoyed this different post. Let me know what songs you like listening to I always love discovering new songs and artists. 

See you next time 

Bye x


4 thoughts on “The power of music

  1. This was such a lovely post to read, I love how unique your posts are! I definitely agree with everything you said, music is such a special thing that can transport someone to a completely different place! I also have Ed’s songs on repeat, just can’t get enough of them!xxx


  2. I completely agree! Music can literally change my mood in an instant, it’s so powerful! I am such a big fan of lots of different types of music so I choose what to put on depending on my mood. Lovely post x

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