Blogging breaks

Hey everyone

So today I thought I would talk about why I have taken a blogging break. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe you might understand some of the reasons I have. I’m not trying to make up excuses for myself but I thought you might like to know why there has been a lack of posts recently.

So I haven’t been very active lately and I apologise for that, but I have been so busy with school work and as I am writing this post it is 70 days until my first exam (omg !!). That might sound a long time but there is so much to learn that I need to concentrate and give the majority of my time to school and revision.

Also I just haven’t had the ideas that I need to be able to post. Every post I make I want to put 100% of my attention into it and I want to be fully happy with what I post for you all to read. I feel like over time I will be able to manage school work and this blog it’s just hard at the start to find that right balance, however I guess that is all part of this experience and I am learning new things all the time.

I feel that sometimes blogging breaks are needed and people shouldn’t feel ashamed to take a break. Even if it’s only for a day to clear your head, take time to yourself or just get on top of things everyone needs to have a break at some point. That’s just my opinion at least haha.

I am starting to plan and get things back into order so keep your eyes peeled haha. I hope you found this post useful and understand why my blog is lacking at the moment. If you have any tips for juggling blogging and other commitments then please let me know.

Thank you for baring with me and also being so positive on my other posts it means the world that you take the time out of your day to read my blog and I will make sure that I am more active.

See you soon for another post.

Bye x


9 thoughts on “Blogging breaks

  1. It’s so important to take a break from blogging when you feel like you need it, especially during exam season, I know from experience. Just know that all your readers are here to support you and we all understand. I hope your exams go well lovely xx

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