Looking back at exams

Hey everyone

So I haven’t been posting for a while as I have been focusing on my exams and now that they are over I am so excited to start writing again. Thank you for your patience with me being away from my blog. I hope you are all well and if you have had exams I hope they went well.

Today I thought I would reflect on the exam process and give my thoughts. If your still in the middle of your exams or have finished like me hopefully this will be useful as it will give you an insight into feelings about exams.img_2730

  1. Don’t look back. This kinda goes back against my words but once the exam is done it’s done. You can’t do anything about it once you have put your pens down and handed your paper in. I have tried not to do this because once you get out it’s most likely you will over think and make yourself feel you have failed. Looking back is the thing I do the most and it doesn’t help as I can’t go back so it’s better if you just move on from the exam and focus on something else.
  2. Don’t speak to people before the exam. I’m not saying be anti social the whole exam season but when lining up it’s best just to block everyone out and not speak about the exam at least. This has helped me because otherwise I tend to get worked up and believe that everyone knows more than me and I will fail.
  3. Treat yourself the night before. The night before my exams I always stopped revising at 9 and had a couple of hours to have a shower and watch some YouTube. This firstly was because I get tired and can’t concentrate late, but also because I felt if I revised until I fell asleep I would just panic and not get a good nights sleep. It’s also good to have a treat once in a while to get yourself more refreshed and ready for the next day.
  4. You don’t have to revise every minute. This is so hard because I felt guilty if I wasn’t revising, but just like the last point you have to take time for yourself otherwise you will become exhausted. What helped me through the exam season was a timetable and actually I did stick to it (which is surprising haha). But this gave me time to zone out go on social media and just have some me time. I do think that it really helped me keep as stress free as possible.
  5. There will be bad days. I’m sorry to say this but some days won’t be good. Your brain will sometimes just have had enough and you just have to listen to your body as it does know best. The best thing to do is try not to get annoyed. There is nothing that can be done because if you carry on most likely nothing will go in.
  6. Try and stay relaxed. This is so hard but I think this year I tired my hardest to stay relaxed and I think it worked (sometimes). It lead to a much nicer experience and I think it might have helped me stay focused sometimes.img_2732

I hope this helped and was interesting to read. If you are still going with exams good luck just try your hardest that’s all that can be asked. If you have finished I would love to know if you agree with any of these and if you have any other memories/ thoughts after the exams.

I will see you soon for another blog post.

Bye x



Favourite quotes

Hey everyone

Today I thought I would tell you some of my favourite quotes, maybe these will inspire you in some way. I would love to know what your favourite quote is and why down below because I think it’s interesting to know why.

1. “Be happy and smile”- I always think this is just a nice little reminder to try and be happy and smile in your life. Just enjoy every minute with a smile

2. “Good vibes only”- I have a jar with this quote on where I put special things that make me happy. I think it’s a nice way to look back at all the good things when you are having a bad dayimg_2596

3. “Don’t look back on today look forward to tomorrow”- This is one of my favourites because I think we are always caught up looking back on what could have happened. Just try and look forward and think what you can do better next time.

4. “Don’t lose track of who you are because it might be easier to be somebody else” – Glee- This quote is from one of my favourite TV series Glee. Glee as a whole made me accept myself more but this quote really highlights the importance of being yourself.

5. Be proud of who you are” – Lea Michele- I’m going to end on this one. I think we should all be proud of who we are because we are all amazing and beautiful. img_2595

I hope you enjoyed this post and might agree with these quotes. I would love to know what your favourite quote is down below. I hope your all having a great start to May. I will see you soon in another post.

Bye x