Defying the limits

Hey everyone

I thought that I would post about “breaking the limits” that we put into place ourselves. I don`t mean the rules that have been put in regulation by school or someone else, but the limits we place on ourselves.

Who says you can`t be whatever you want to be? If you don`t believe in yourself then you need to start. If you believe in yourself anything can be possible. ANYTHING. The biggest critique is always yourself. It`s always hard to think that you can do something when your brain and the people around you say otherwise. But stop listening and break the limit you set, you will feel so much better for it. I find this quite hard to do myself so I thought I would give you a couple of tips that I try to use to help feel better about what I achieve and help me break the limits that I have set. In this post I am talking about limits wether that be academic or a very personal goal you have  set yourself. 

Tip number one is don’t say you can’t do something. You will be able to do anything it might just take time. If you put your mind to something there is no reason why you can’t succeed. 

Another thing that I always do but I do need to work on, is don’t devalue what you have achieved. Even if you didn’t get the best grade in a test just think you can improve and do better next time. But everything that you do isn’t rubbish it is a stepping stone to the final target you have for yourself. That’s how I think about it anyway. 

I’m really sorry this post was quite short and I’m not sure wether you will find it helpful ( I hope you do). If you have any ideas then please do share, as I said I’m not an expert and still need to improve so if you have ideas I would love to know. 
Thank you for reading 

See you soon for a new post 

Bye x