Goodbye spots

Hey everyone

I hope you are all well and have had a great Easter. Today I am going to talk about my favourite product to get rid of those horrible spots that everyone gets and everyone hates. My skin is really dry but usually quite clear but when I get breakouts its all around my nose and my chin.img_2482

The product that works for me is the Witch blemish stick. This product is super cheap but really does help clear my skin. So basically you just have to push the product up and then apply the stick to any spots that have just occurred or are about to come up. This way you are able to keep them under a bit of control. The reason I like this product so much is firstly because it works haha. But also it sinks in really quickly. I am one of those people who can’t stand feeling all sticky with cream either on my face or just generally all over my body, but this product only takes a few minutes to sink in and then you can’t feel it any more. Also as it is a stick it’s able to directly get onto the spots. This is great when the spots are in hard positions to get to.img_2484

A down side to this product it that it does smell, that might just be because I apply it so near my nose so I’m able to smell it more, but it’s not the most pleasant smell. Also sometimes it can sting on your skin. The only time that has happened is when my skin has been really dry so it may be a combination of things but when it stings you just have to let it sting for a few minutes and then it will hopefully go away.

So overall I love this product because it really did help and target my spots to get rid of them quicker than other products that I have tried. I think I would give it a eight out of ten just because it does smell and when it stings it really hurts, but other than those two downsides the product is overall really good. I would love to know what you use for your skin care as I’m always on the look out to try new things.

Thank you for reading I will see you soon for my next post. I’m really sorry for the lack of posts at the moment I am in the middle of revising and that is taking all of my time but only about another month to go!!!!

Bye x