Defying the limits

Hey everyone

I thought that I would post about “breaking the limits” that we put into place ourselves. I don`t mean the rules that have been put in regulation by school or someone else, but the limits we place on ourselves.

Who says you can`t be whatever you want to be? If you don`t believe in yourself then you need to start. If you believe in yourself anything can be possible. ANYTHING. The biggest critique is always yourself. It`s always hard to think that you can do something when your brain and the people around you say otherwise. But stop listening and break the limit you set, you will feel so much better for it. I find this quite hard to do myself so I thought I would give you a couple of tips that I try to use to help feel better about what I achieve and help me break the limits that I have set. In this post I am talking about limits wether that be academic or a very personal goal you have  set yourself. 

Tip number one is don’t say you can’t do something. You will be able to do anything it might just take time. If you put your mind to something there is no reason why you can’t succeed. 

Another thing that I always do but I do need to work on, is don’t devalue what you have achieved. Even if you didn’t get the best grade in a test just think you can improve and do better next time. But everything that you do isn’t rubbish it is a stepping stone to the final target you have for yourself. That’s how I think about it anyway. 

I’m really sorry this post was quite short and I’m not sure wether you will find it helpful ( I hope you do). If you have any ideas then please do share, as I said I’m not an expert and still need to improve so if you have ideas I would love to know. 
Thank you for reading 

See you soon for a new post 

Bye x

A summer body ???

Hey everyone

I hope you are all well and have had a good week and will have a relaxing weekend.

Today I am going to be talking about the summer body. I was inspired to write this post after I read Harriet’s blog post about “it’s ok not to be a size 8“. Through this post I loved the message that it’s alright to be you and I would recommend reading it as it has a amazing message that I think everyone should see.img_2737

So my version is about summer and having the perfect summer body. I feel that there is no such thing. The requirements for a summer body is that it’s hot weather or as hot as it can be in Britain haha and you have a body, it may sound stupid but really everyone has a summer body. In this day the media tries to put strict images of what people need to look like and it can really make people feel self conscious about what they need to look like. Don’t try and be like someone else everyone is unique and we should celebrate everyone and treat them equally whatever they look.

We need to love ourselves and love each other. We need to embrace who we are and even if you don’t feel confident go out in whatever you want. It’s ok not to be really skinny because you are perfect the way that you are. Don’t change for anyone.

I believe that we are all beautiful. Why are skinny people classed as beautiful when others are equally as beautiful? Society has placed a great importance of being the right shape and size but I really don’t agree. The summer body we see plastered over magazines isn’t realistic and makes me and many other people feel worthless if we don’t look like it. But please don’t feel worthless. I have tried to teach myself and I am still getting there that I can wear whatever I want and I am beautiful. For example I don’t like the way my legs look but I chose to go out in shorts and actually it helped me get a bit more confident in my own skin.img_2739

I hope this post might be helpful. Leave your thought and feelings below and I will be sure to respond to you. If you take one thing from this post let it be this… You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says, you have a great summer body !!!

See you soon for another blog post.

Bye x

Looking back at exams

Hey everyone

So I haven’t been posting for a while as I have been focusing on my exams and now that they are over I am so excited to start writing again. Thank you for your patience with me being away from my blog. I hope you are all well and if you have had exams I hope they went well.

Today I thought I would reflect on the exam process and give my thoughts. If your still in the middle of your exams or have finished like me hopefully this will be useful as it will give you an insight into feelings about exams.img_2730

  1. Don’t look back. This kinda goes back against my words but once the exam is done it’s done. You can’t do anything about it once you have put your pens down and handed your paper in. I have tried not to do this because once you get out it’s most likely you will over think and make yourself feel you have failed. Looking back is the thing I do the most and it doesn’t help as I can’t go back so it’s better if you just move on from the exam and focus on something else.
  2. Don’t speak to people before the exam. I’m not saying be anti social the whole exam season but when lining up it’s best just to block everyone out and not speak about the exam at least. This has helped me because otherwise I tend to get worked up and believe that everyone knows more than me and I will fail.
  3. Treat yourself the night before. The night before my exams I always stopped revising at 9 and had a couple of hours to have a shower and watch some YouTube. This firstly was because I get tired and can’t concentrate late, but also because I felt if I revised until I fell asleep I would just panic and not get a good nights sleep. It’s also good to have a treat once in a while to get yourself more refreshed and ready for the next day.
  4. You don’t have to revise every minute. This is so hard because I felt guilty if I wasn’t revising, but just like the last point you have to take time for yourself otherwise you will become exhausted. What helped me through the exam season was a timetable and actually I did stick to it (which is surprising haha). But this gave me time to zone out go on social media and just have some me time. I do think that it really helped me keep as stress free as possible.
  5. There will be bad days. I’m sorry to say this but some days won’t be good. Your brain will sometimes just have had enough and you just have to listen to your body as it does know best. The best thing to do is try not to get annoyed. There is nothing that can be done because if you carry on most likely nothing will go in.
  6. Try and stay relaxed. This is so hard but I think this year I tired my hardest to stay relaxed and I think it worked (sometimes). It lead to a much nicer experience and I think it might have helped me stay focused sometimes.img_2732

I hope this helped and was interesting to read. If you are still going with exams good luck just try your hardest that’s all that can be asked. If you have finished I would love to know if you agree with any of these and if you have any other memories/ thoughts after the exams.

I will see you soon for another blog post.

Bye x


Favourite quotes

Hey everyone

Today I thought I would tell you some of my favourite quotes, maybe these will inspire you in some way. I would love to know what your favourite quote is and why down below because I think it’s interesting to know why.

1. “Be happy and smile”- I always think this is just a nice little reminder to try and be happy and smile in your life. Just enjoy every minute with a smile

2. “Good vibes only”- I have a jar with this quote on where I put special things that make me happy. I think it’s a nice way to look back at all the good things when you are having a bad dayimg_2596

3. “Don’t look back on today look forward to tomorrow”- This is one of my favourites because I think we are always caught up looking back on what could have happened. Just try and look forward and think what you can do better next time.

4. “Don’t lose track of who you are because it might be easier to be somebody else” – Glee- This quote is from one of my favourite TV series Glee. Glee as a whole made me accept myself more but this quote really highlights the importance of being yourself.

5. Be proud of who you are” – Lea Michele- I’m going to end on this one. I think we should all be proud of who we are because we are all amazing and beautiful.¬†img_2595

I hope you enjoyed this post and might agree with these quotes. I would love to know what your favourite quote is down below. I hope your all having a great start to May. I will see you soon in another post.

Bye x

Goodbye spots

Hey everyone

I hope you are all well and have had a great Easter. Today I am going to talk about my favourite product to get rid of those horrible spots that everyone gets and everyone hates. My skin is really dry but usually quite clear but when I get breakouts its all around my nose and my chin.img_2482

The product that works for me is the Witch blemish stick. This product is super cheap but really does help clear my skin. So basically you just have to push the product up and then apply the stick to any spots that have just occurred or are about to come up. This way you are able to keep them under a bit of control. The reason I like this product so much is firstly because it works haha. But also it sinks in really quickly. I am one of those people who can’t stand feeling all sticky with cream either on my face or just generally all over my body, but this product only takes a few minutes to sink in and then you can’t feel it any more. Also as it is a stick it’s able to directly get onto the spots. This is great when the spots are in hard positions to get to.img_2484

A down side to this product it that it does smell, that might just be because I apply it so near my nose so I’m able to smell it more, but it’s not the most pleasant smell. Also sometimes it can sting on your skin. The only time that has happened is when my skin has been really dry so it may be a combination of things but when it stings you just have to let it sting for a few minutes and then it will hopefully go away.

So overall I love this product because it really did help and target my spots to get rid of them quicker than other products that I have tried. I think I would give it a eight out of ten just because it does smell and when it stings it really hurts, but other than those two downsides the product is overall really good. I would love to know what you use for your skin care as I’m always on the look out to try new things.

Thank you for reading I will see you soon for my next post. I’m really sorry for the lack of posts at the moment I am in the middle of revising and that is taking all of my time but only about another month to go!!!!

Bye x

Survival guide: Revision/ School

Hey everyone

So today I thought about doing another survival guide blog post. All about school. So I have done my GCSEs and I thought I would give you a few tips about revision but also just school in general. This is quite a long post so you might want to sit down get a drink and a snack, and enjoy.

So firstly revision, the dreaded word for most 15-18 year old’s (or if you go to uni then older). I wasn’t the best at revision and I’m not going to pretend I was because I would be lying, however I did learn a few tricks to motivate me through exams. The most important thing to do when revising is to keep organised. I wrote a whole blog post about keeping organised so if you want to have a read of that then click here.

Resousrces you may need

  • Paper and coloured pens are a must have. Making revision as bright as possible is what helped me
  • Post it notes
  • Cue cards
  • Snacks


Some of my revision resourcse

Anyway with revision I made a timetable that I tried to stick to (it didn’t always work) but it gave me some goals to try and achieve, and like I said in my other post it’s so satisfying to tick things off once you have finished. With the timetable I made sure I took breaks and also prioritised in order of importance and what was coming first. For example I was never good at maths, I’m still not now haha, but I made sure I did loads of maths revision so that I went in feeling as confident as I could.

Past papers is also another big help when revising. I used the website Fast past papers to get past papers and then completed them in the time period with no resources in front of me. This is such a great way to know what you know and what you need to work on, also it helps you get a feel for questions because there is only a certain amount of questions they can ask.

So lastly for revision tips is watch people on YouTube. For my English I watched Mr Bruff because he went through all the poems and texts and helped answer the questions for the exam. Another person who is great for revision is Eve Bennett with her revision channel. Eve like myself went through her exams and is able to give personal experiences and more tips on how to revise. She also talks about specific subjects and how she was able to revise so that might be useful if your unsure how to revise languages for example.

So moving on to school (I’m sorry if this post if long, maybe take a break and get another drink) the best advice I can give is ask for help when you need it. Your not stupid if you don’t understand because I guarantee there will be someone else who doesn’t get it either. Take all the advice you need because that’s what teachers are there for. Also for the exams the teachers will want you to be as confidant as you can.

So the last point I will make for this really long post on school, is enjoy friendships and lunch. This may sound really weird but the lunch period is where you can relax for about an hour and then you will be able to have a little chat and your brain can switch off, but then be ready to learn again after lunch.

So that is the end of this post. Thank you if you stayed to the end I know this was very long. However I hope you enjoyed, I would love to know your tips either for revision or school down below because there are so many interesting ones out there. Anyway thank you again, if there is anything you would like to hear from me leave a comment.

See you soon

Bye x

Tips for blogging

Hey Everyone
So today I thought I would give you some of my advice about blogging. I obviously am no where near knowing everything there is and down below I would love to know some of your tips for blogging. Whether you have had years experience or just a few months (like me) knowledge can hep everyone.


Writing things down always helps.

1. Get into as many blogger chats as you can (or as many as you remember).These chats give you the opportunity to talk to other bloggers and feel more part of the community. There is so much support and positivity in this community that the blogger chats offer.

2. The notes app is useful. I write most of my blog posts when on the train as that is just wasted time that I can use. So writing my ideas down straight away makes it so much easier to write as the idea is fresh in my head.

3. Plan posts in advance. I’m not the best at this but planning in advance and schedule posts makes it much less stressful. Also if you write posts when you think of them it’s less likely that will miss a day to publish (again I’m not the best at this haha).

4. When there is good lighting use it. As it’s getting closer to summer the lighting is better anyway, however if you can try and bulk take pictures to ensure that you have pictures for upcoming posts.

5. If you need help, ask for it. This may sound weird but talking to other bloggers about your problems really helps. I spoke to some of my blogging friends when I was feeling really down and they really helped me.

6. Don’t compare to other bloggers. This is so hard to do but try not to compare your blog to others, everyone is different. There is a great quote “try not to compare your chapter one to someone’s chapter ten” and I think this is perfect. Everyone is blogging for different reasons and is in different situations so just enjoy your blogging journey.

7. If you can’t think of ideas that’s ok. It is unlikely that you won’t have a writers block, and they are the worst but there isn’t anything you can do. Take that time to do something else with your blog whether that is socialise on chats or rearrange posts, it’s not the end of the world.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and it may have helped you in some way. If you have any questions then just ask me down below I will try my best to help you out. Have a wonderful day.

See you for another blog post.

Bye x